Bitta Collection

Bitta is my aunt. Her real name is Margareta but she’s always been Bitta to us.  A deliciously funny soul who pens the most fabulous letters and emails, making us giggle mightily as children through until today.  She’s always been a friend — as well as my mother’s younger sister — splashing around, getting dirty, picking blueberries, singing songs.  And she could definitely be a professional gift-wrapper if there were such a thing.


Most important of all, she is the keeper of stories on my Swedish side: sharing tales of my mischievous mother as a child and their adventures together, updating us on distant cousins, reminding us of the charming Swedish folklore that filled her childhood and then ours, and celebrating all our big and little moments (& those of our children) from afar with love.


I hope we all have someone like her, someone to draw the family in and remind us of our connection – and inspire a laugh in the process.

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