Kiki Collection

Dutch and damn cool.  At her wedding, their first song was “Voulez-vouz couchez avec moi çe soir” and she wore emerald green.  She stands 6 feet tall and is strikingly beautiful, her signature long blond hair always worn up.  She’s practical and pragmatic, yet warm, with an arsenal of stories which just have to make you laugh. Her English is flawless from her years in Manhattan, and her accent wonderfully heavy.  She zips around Amsterdam on a bike painted in black with pink polka dots; she’s an Asian cuisine addict and loves karaoke [in spite of her voice]; her signature drink is a vodka martini.  She’s a wheeler-dealer, a connector of people; it all seems rather dazzling yet comes so naturally because, well, she seems to know everyone.


Their apartment is in the Nine Streets district: white walls adorned with crisp photos of their travels and interesting little bits of art, the dark wooden floors filled with vintage kilims in warm, happy colors.  Danish design pieces are scattered throughout, mixed in with the odd Ikea standby.  And candles seem to be always lit, a window somewhere open to let in a fresh breeze, and music plays.


Life is simple and refreshing with her, it feels like the next adventure is always just around the corner — and who doesn’t love an adventure?

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