Cara Kantha (Red & Multi)


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Kantha vary in style tremendously: some bold & seemingly untouched, others gentle & lovingly worn.  The Cara holds court in the latter camp.  She is delightful:  both sides captivating for their dreamy colour and mesmerising texture.  On one, a charcoal pattern bedecks a soft and rich red, interspersed with bits of white shining through from layers beneath.  The other is a dreamy off-white with yellow, orange, pinks and small accents of apple green to set off its subtle design perfectly.  The Cara has lived a good life and it shows; her longevity is part of her charm.



Dimensions: 140cm x 210cm

While machine washing in cold (line dry) is an option, dry cleaning is recommended

Our kantha are hand block printed (and occasionally hand screen printed) in Indian cotton.  Given vintage fabrics are used, small imperfections and signs of wear may be found and are part of the charm.

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