Doz Napkins in Swedish Blue (on Linen)


Colour: Berry
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Doz is a treasure: a beautiful border block print based on a vintage textile stumbled across in our travels.  A warm design which has been reimagined by shenouk and set in a beautiful selection of gem-inspired hues.

Shown here in Swedish Blue, the Doz offers a stunningly decadent backdrop for entertaining.  A double border runs through the centre of the napkins, showcasing the design in all its splendour.

Hand block printed by our gifted team of artisans in Jaipur.

(Sold in sets of 4 napkins)



Napkin dimensions:  45cm x 45cm
(sold in sets of 4 napkins)

All table linen is block printed by hand.  Natural imperfections may occur.

Linen/Cotton blend

Dry Clean

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