Jaisalmer Border Lampshade


The Jaisalmer: a vintage sari anchored in cream-verging-on-subtle-yellow is accented by gem-hued green & pink to create a sophisticated and refreshing gathered lampshade for that special corner of the home.  This shade is timeless with a soothing tone and calming design.  Perfect popping out against dark-themed decor or mixing in with bright and vivid surroundings.

Limited Edition, vintage saris are indeed one-of-a-kind.


Shade carriers are not included with your order but can be purchased separately via the “shade carriers” menu option.  Please see Details tab for more information on fittings and dimensions.




16″ base diameter, 10.75″ top diameter, 10.75″ slope  (duplex fitting)


Duplex fittings require a lampshade carrier, gimble fittings do not.  These are not supplied with your order.  A reducer ring may be required depending on your lamp base diameter.

Please email sales@shenouk.com with any questions or to purchase a shade carrier please click through here https://shenouk.com/product/shade-carrier/.



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