Kitty Reverse Tablecloth in Midnight


Colour: Midnight
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  • Kitty Reverse tablecloth in flint
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The Kitty is memorable, alluring and the life of the party–both the print and the woman it’s named for.  The reverse version is the same ikat-inspired design but with a white background and the colour held in the print itself.  It is beautiful and simultaneously subtle and striking, drawing compliments in all its forms.  These are easily one of our most popular block prints, loved for its versatility and warmth of pattern.

The Kitty Reverse tablecloth in midnight (with a white background) moves from afternoon gatherings to evening spectaculars with complete ease.  Whether it is laid minimally or with abundance, it truly is a luxury staple for all occasions.

Block printed by our talented team of artisans in Jaipur.


Tablecloth dimensions:

150cm x 225cm (60″ x 90″)

180cm x 300cm (70″ x 118″)

180cm x 350cm (70″ x 138″)

180cm x 400cm (70″ x 157″)

Not all designs come in all sizes, this guide is an overview of potential sizes for this product.


All our tablecloths are block printed by hand.  Natural imperfections may occur.

Table linen may be machine washed on cold, line dried.  For best results, dry clean.

About the Kitty Collection

You’ve stumbled right into the Kitty Collection, a gorgeous gathering of special shenouk pieces which all share the same exquisite block print pattern.  Bedding and table linen encompass the Kitty range.

The Collection is named after a fabulous woman who lived life with zest–and I was lucky enough to know.  To read about Kitty and take a peak at other products in the same lovely print, a simple click on the link below will bring you where you need to be.


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