Kivik Lampshade in Mint



The Kivik (“sheev-eek”) is exquisite, a pristine block print wave design in white on mint green is subtle yet unforgettable.  These lampshades have been created from a lovely sari and to see them up close is an absolute treat.  A delicate offset to a neutral room, a crisp addition against vivid wallpaper, or beside a mahogany bed, gracing a favourite hall console… the Kivik brings a bit of sparkle into your space.

Named for the utterly charming town in southern Sweden where simple white candles and simply beautiful scenery are mainstays.

Handmade in Jaipur.




10″ base diameter, 6.25″ top diameter, 7″ slope (gimble fitting)   


Duplex fittings require a lampshade carrier, gimble fittings do not.  Shade carriers are not included in your order.  A reducer ring may be required depending on your lamp base diameter.  Please email with any questions.


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