Midge Kantha (Pink, Orange & Green)


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The Midge is a superb little lovely, equally at home in the bedroom of the cutest corner cottage or draped across an old fuddy armchair in the snug of a sprawling country home.  The front is a scattering of pink & orange flowers with green finish, the back a trusty plaid.  She’s cute as a button and divinely versatile.

All our kantha are hand-selected for their colour palette, continuous pattern and specific design.  They are chosen specifically for our UK lives where a warm and welcoming home is particularly important when we often seek refuge indoors from the raindrops outside.


Dimensions: 115cm x 175cm

While machine washing in cold (line dry) is an option, dry cleaning is recommended

Our kantha are hand block printed (and occasionally hand screen printed) in Indian cotton.  Given vintage fabrics are used, small imperfections and signs of wear may be found and are part of the charm.

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