Silverton Lampshade in Navy Blue & Sage


Traditional block print floral motifs in navy blue and sage adorn the striking Silverton Lampshade.  Accented with a complimentary blue trim, this beauty is a pristine example of Indian craftsmanship transforming the way we see lighting options today.  Up close, the detail is breathtaking… and from afar, it infuses its place with character and texture.  Lighting creates atmosphere, atmosphere creates warmth, and warmth is what we all seek in our homes.

Block printed on cotton in Jaipur.  Assembled in the UK.  One of our Limited Edition designs.

Shade carriers not included.  Please see Details tab for more information and dimensions.





10″ base diameter, 6.75″ top diameter, 7″ slope  (gimble fitting)
12″ base diameter, 7.5″ top diameter, 8″ slope  (gimble fitting)
14″ base diameter, 8.25″ top diameter, 9.25″ slope (duplex fitting)
16″ base diameter, 10.75″ top diameter, 10.75″ slope  (duplex fitting)


Duplex fittings require a lampshade carrier, gimble fittings do not.  Shade carriers are not supplied with your order.  A reducer ring may be required depending on your lamp base diameter, these are supplied free of charge.  

Please email with any questions or if you wish to purchase a shade carrier


Hand block printed cotton.

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