Townsend Lampshade in Raspberry



The Townsend is a charmer: beautiful dainty block print floral set on raspberry pink that warms up any room.  Named for a cute-as-a-button town in Tennessee where southern drawls reign and the welcome is warm.

Please check Details for exact dimensions.

This 10″ lampshade has a duplex fitting so will require a lampshade carrier which can be supplied at a small charge.  Please message with any questions. 


Of note, this lampshade is limited edition.



10″ base diameter, 8″ top diameter, 7.25″ slope (duplex fitting)  

Duplex fittings require a lampshade carrier, gimble fittings do not.  These are not included in purchase.  A reducer ring may be required depending on your lamp base diameter.

Please email with any questions or to purchase a shade carrier please click through here


Hand block printed cotton

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