Traditionally created using stacked layers of vintage saris, kantha are so-named because of the fine hand stitching that runs throughout each piece. Made exclusively by women, which we find further adds to their charm, they are a beautiful balance of delicate craftwomanship, warmth and strength.

The word ‘kantha’ is derived from the Sanskrit ‘kontha’ meaning ‘rags’, which alludes to the original practice of stitching together remnants of fabrics.  Today, vintage block printed fabric is more frequently used and equally captivating.

Each vintage kantha is unique in design, stitching pattern, thickness and softness, with no two ever the same. shenouk hand selects each kantha personally, seeking out fluid, all-over patterns, high quality stitching and beautiful design to ensure that each item adheres to the shenouk standard. Most are approximately the size of a single bedcover but variations in exact size are to be expected.

Ideal over a bed, perched on the back of a loveworn sofa, or as a light layer to keep off an evening chill, these storied blankets have endless uses.  

We have no doubt that they will soon find a place in your home and become treasured friends in years to come.

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