Dohars (sheets)

The secret treasure of bedding: the dohar.  The perfect antidote to the bitter cold nights of winter and the ideal solution to those hotter months  of summer — all in one.

A staple in the subcontinent, dohars are 3 layers of softest sheeting joined together with edge stitching.  Yet they are so much more.  Created using the softest mulmul cotton to cocoon us in cooler months with added layers … and provide just enough weight to give us comfort in the warm seasons when a duvet or quilt is simply too much (but a simple sheet not enough).

Traditionally, the inside layer of a dohar is  adorned with block print while the outer layers are untouched; an ethereal presentation.  At shenouk, our love of pattern leads us to opt for the reverse. We block printed the outer layers so as to embrace the beauty of design in its full form.

There is no substitute for the sublime softness and wonderful flexibility of dohars.  A secret weapon for our biting English winter climes & our now more frequent sweltering summer heat.

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