Our Philosophy

The bustling streets we’ve crossed, sensational meals we’ve savoured, chance encounters we’ve cherished… collectively, these moments make up our stories, they make us.

shenouk wants to play a part in your story, by creating the backdrops to some of life’s most memorable moments — an enchanting table at which to entertain friends, a heavenly bedroom for your little one to dream in, and a warm lamp to light your way through the years.  We believe that our homes should contain precious pieces to accompany us on our way… nuggets full of character and beauty that remind us of where we have been.  We are all about creating the scenery behind the big (and small) moments, because we know they matter.

Nowhere summarises our thirst for adventure, romance and exoticism quite like incredible India and we owe a huge debt to the artisanal community in Jaipur who are responsible for bringing our distinctive products to life, weaving a little magic into our homes.  The hand craft of Indian block print is tied to a prized, yet sadly diminishing, tradition that we embrace with pride.  The perfect imperfections inherent in this intricate method are simple reminders that people created these gems, people across the world with their own stories, which only serves to add to ours and makes them all the more special.

We delight in our own small story, providing a boutique proposition through our carefully curated range of home textiles.  For our customers, ‘small’ means focus on detail in the ways that count:  creating a limited number of stunning pieces to ensure they are worthy of that special place in your home; keeping a watchful eye to provide the high level of service we believe our clients should expect; and ensuring that we continue to work alongside responsible and talented printers to achieve quality workmanship.


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Let’s stay in touch

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