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shenouk specialises in hand block printed fabrics for the home, creating beautiful pieces that are as unique as they are timeless. 

Everything that we produce is entirely handmade and we take immense pleasure in the slow process that results in each and every item that forms our collection.

Brimming with treasures, our website offers a glimpse into the enchanting world possible when captivating colour & mesmerising pattern connect to create warmth for the home.

As we are continually adding new pieces to our trove of goodies, we warmly encourage you to pop back on a regular basis to discover the delights we unveil in our evolving collections.

Our mission?  To make your story beautiful

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A new year brings with it the exhilaration of endless possibilities, the warmth of memories soon to be made, and the joy of making our mark & making it count. 

At shenouk, we’ve been immersed in fresh interpretations of Indian block print to help make 2024 a truly special year.  

New designs unveiled with the Livia, Bryony, Cornelia & Hazel (with more to come) patterns.  New collection lines launching with dohars & decorative bedcovers in bedding — and framed textiles (with more to come).  

With the support of talented artisans  in both India and here in the UK, we are armed to enrich your homes with the colour and pattern we find so enchanting.

xx Sherine


This month's favourites

The Shenouk Difference

We believe that our homes should contain colourful trinkets full of character that remind us of where we have been.

Nowhere embodies this exotic way of life quite like incredible India, whose warmth and charm we wanted to bring back the minute we first arrived.  We owe a huge debt to the artisanal community in Jaipur who are responsible for bringing our distinctive products to life and for weaving a little magic into our lives.


Everything that you will find at shenouk is entirely handmade.

It is one of our greatest points of pride and we take immense pleasure in the slow process that results in each and every one of the pieces that forms our collection.

This artisanal way of life does, however, inevitably come with its drawbacks as fabric runs out, prints are discontinued and old favourites can no longer be found. The limited runs that we produce in order to preserve our signature and standards are, well, limited.

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