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Welcome to shenouk

Brimming with far-foraged treasures, our new website has been a project of passion and we have dedicated ourselves to it with the zest and zeal you no doubt apply to yours.

Our selection is now hopefully a little easier to navigate and as we continue to add pieces to our collections, along with new product categories, we warmly encourage you to pop back on a regular basis to discover more about the wonderful, whimsical world of shenouk.

Our mission?  To simply live life more beautifully.  Our hope?  To help you do the same.

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Table Linen

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Vintage Kantha

Cushion Covers


New Additions

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Some familiar faces are back & new designs launched

Our limited edition slant means that delightful designs and colours can drift away, but they can also happily resurface.  Now back on the website are the Chilton (with a divine new border version), the Astrid in denim, and the Vence lampshades, alongside new beauties the Jodhpur (in two versions) and the Reverse Kitty in Pink (don’t worry, more are on their way).

A new selection of tablecloths in delicious new colours for your table is now available in the Gauntess pattern — as well as a few more gorgeous options sprinkled through our table linen section.  With more to come.

And hard to forget our vintage kanthas, where new lovelies are always being added.

Have a little snoop, things are always changing at shenouk.

This month’s favourites

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shenouk wants to play a part in your story, by creating the backdrops to some of life’s most memorable moments.

We specialise in hand block printed fabrics for the home, creating beautiful pieces that are as unique as they are fabulous, ones that will leave their mark long after the last guest has gone.

We believe that our homes should contain precious pieces to accompany us along the way, trinkets full of character and beauty that remind us of where we have been.  And nowhere summarises our thirst for adventure, romance and exoticism quite like incredible India.  We owe a huge debt to the artisanal community in Jaipur who are responsible for bringing our distinctive products to life and for weaving a little magic into our homes.

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