Megève Lampshade in Yellow


The Megève is delightfully two-fold:  part Alpine charm and part Indian tradition.   A sweet combination of golden yellow with darling pink, standout pattern with exquisite detailing… the Megève is pure loveliness.  Imagined against small print wallpaper in warm greens, wainscoting in elegant ivory, or lush painted walls in mustard yellow or pink or greeny-blues… against stripes or florals or solids.

Hand block printed on cotton in Jaipur.  Assembled by hand in the UK.

Custom sizes available upon request — typically 3-4 weeks lead-time.

**Shade carriers are not included with your order but can be purchased via the “shade carriers” section of the lampshades menu.  Please check the Details tab for more information on dimensions and fittings.



10″ base diameter, 6.75″ top diameter, 7″ slope  (gimble fitting)
12″ base diameter, 7.5″ top diameter, 8″ slope  (gimble fitting)
16″ base diameter, 10.75″ top diameter, 10.75″ slope  (duplex fitting)

Duplex fittings require a lampshade carrier, while gimble fittings do not.  Shade carriers are not included in your order, please contact us for purchase.  You may require a reducer ring depending on your lamp base diameter.

Please email with any questions or to purchase a shade carrier please purchase via the “shade carrier” product within the lampshade section. 

Block printed cotton.

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