Selina Napkins in Dusty Rose


Colour: Dusty Rose
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The Selina is a beautiful first for shenouk, a graceful and enchanting floral panel in repeat.  One of shenouk’s own designs, the pattern is inspired by the mesmerising floral details of an old Indian miniature painting found in our travels.

In napkin form, this exquisite design accents a vast array of table settings–from patterned tablecloths to jute mats to simply laid wooden tables–perfectly.  Certain to draw compliments for the years to come.

Available in sets of 4 napkins

Block printed by our talented and kind team of artisans in Jaipur.


Sold per set:  4 napkins/set

Napkin dimensions:  50cm x 50cm (20″ x 20″)


All our table linen is block printed by hand.  Natural imperfections may occur.

Table linen may be machine washed on cold, line dry.  For best results, dry clean.

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