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Lampshades with duplex fittings require shade carriers for use.  Duplex fittings are typically used with lampshades of 14″ and higher, but can also be used with smaller shades — please check the Details tab on each product page for more information on which fitting is used for each lampshade.

Shade carriers allow for variation in height for the lampshade depending on the lamp base used — some bases may call for the shade to hit higher or lower.  Carriers also provide safety for your lampshade should the base be knocked, the shade can fall safely free without damage.

shenouk does not automatically include shade carriers with your order as many clients are buying replacement shades and already have these at home, and we recognise that cost is an understandable focus for our clients.  We offer them here on our website for purchase, but they are also available from other online sellers.

Our guidelines for which shade carrier to purchase are below, but we leave it to our customers to determine which might work for their own lamp bases.  We are happy to answer any questions at

4 inch     10″ lampshades (£2/ea)
5 inch     12″ lampshades (£2.50/ea)
6 inch     14″ lampshades (£3/ea)
7 inch     16″ & 18″ lampshades (£3/ea)

* Note: shade carriers are for purchase with additional items.  Should you wish to buy shade carriers as a stand-alone order, please email for a custom invoice to include shipping. 

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