Emerald Green Silk lampshade


This emerald green gathered lampshade is a true gem.  A seamless addition to a study lined with rich, dark walls, creating a throwback to Old School clubs of the past.  Anchoring a console, they’re a striking compliment to that prized collection of heirloom treasures.  And in the bedroom, these green lovelies easily compliment a chinoiserie backdrop, the final touch to a spellbinding setting.  An endless array of imagined homes with this one.

Made from a blend of linen and silk, our Emerald green lampshades are a testament to luxurious fabric as a fabulous ingredient for unforgettable lighting.  Available in both traditional empire and an inviting “almost” drum silouhette.

Shade carriers are not included with your order but can be purchased separately.  Please check the Details tab for more information on dimensions and fittings.




10″ base diameter, 8″ top diameter, 7.25″ slope (Duplex fitting)  “almost drum”

12″ base diameter, 7.25″ top diameter, 8.25″ slope (Duplex fitting)

17.75″ base diameter, 12″ top diameter, 12″ slope (Duplex fitting)


Duplex fittings require a lampshade carrier, gimble fittings do not.  These are not supplied with your order.  A reducer ring may be required depending on your lamp base diameter.  

Please email sales@shenouk.com with any questions or to purchase a shade carrier please click through here https://shenouk.com/product/shade-carrier/.


A luscious blend of silk and linen, lined with linen.

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