Jamie Kantha (Charcoal & Peach)


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Charcoal & Peach?  Yes indeed.  When it comes to kantha, sometimes it’s the unusual that triumph.  Über warm and inviting, the Jamie is sublime.  The softest kantha we’ve ever had our hands on (the highest of compliments), it’s incredibly hard to let go.

The colour combination a complete deep treat.  The dark grey reveals the subtle design of the layer beneath when viewed up close.  The stripe & decorative scattered leaves in turmeric yellow are detailed with block print design in soft red which together combine to present that ethereal soft peach glow.

The reverse is a playful melange of blue, pink and white scattered floral — a complete contrast to the front, in typical kantha style.  Show it off, hide it discreetly, the choice is yours.

This is one of those cases where photography may eclipse the written word (of this writer at least).  The Jamie may be challenging to describe but she’s beautiful to behold.



Dimensions: 145cm x 200cm

While machine washing in cold (line dry) is an option, dry cleaning is recommended

Our kantha are hand block printed (and occasionally hand screen printed) in Indian cotton.  Given vintage fabrics are used, small imperfections may be found and are part of the charm.

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