Tunis Lampshade in Berry & Midnight (0.5″ stripe)


The Tunis Lampshade is one of our limited edition designs… fabric found in Jaipur that immediately beckoned as the perfect pattern to grace a lovely English lamp.  Simple yet distinctive.  Horizontal stripes to add oomph to any room.  Luscious colour–bold but refined–in raspberry and what we call “midnight” as technically its a soft black, but it feels a bit more of a deep, dark brown.  We’ll let you decide.

Available in 1″ stripe and 0.5″ stripe (shown here).

Custom orders welcome.
Hand block printed on voile for that coveted ethereal feel.  Assembled by hand in the UK.

**Shade carriers are
 not included with your order but can be purchased separately.  Please check the Details tab for more information on dimensions and fittings. 


Approximate dimensions:

10″ base diameter, 6.75″ top diameter, 7″ slope  (gimble fitting)
12″ base diameter, 8″ top diameter, 8.25″ slope  (gimble fitting)
14″ base diameter, 8.5″ top diameter, 9.25″ slope  (duplex fitting)
16″ base diameter, 10.75″ top diameter, 10.75″ slope  (duplex fitting)

Duplex fittings require a lampshade carrier, while gimble fittings do not.  Shade carriers are not included in your order, please contact us for purchase.  You may require a reducer ring depending on your lamp base diameter.

Please email sales@shenouk.com with any questions or to purchase a shade carrier please click through here https://shenouk.com/product/shade-carrier/.

Block printed voile.

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