Pindi Kantha (Plum & Off-White)


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A favourite can be that immediate “sometimes you just know” instinct taking hold.  The Pindi may be exactly that.  Is it the colour?  A romantic combination of plum and off-white.  A clean, clear line of blue runs through.  Is it the design?  A perfectly choreographed assembly of block print which features a proud line-up of paisleys.  Or is it perhaps the size?  Small enough to delicately perch with purpose.  Simply exquisite.

The reverse in a beautiful blue with yellow accents & border — a vastly different aesthetic yet wholly endearing.



Dimensions: 95cm x 145cm

While machine washing in cold (line dry) is an option, dry cleaning is recommended

Our kantha are hand block printed (and occasionally hand screen printed) in Indian cotton.  Given vintage fabrics are used, small imperfections may be found and are part of the charm.

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